“The pen is mightier than the sword”

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Writing can create opportunities for you, build a network for you, improve your thinking, and whatnot. We usually meet people and forget them and the internet has proven that we can meet a lot of people and we may not remember them later.

Now we can also say that writing content online can also connect with people from the future.



A well-written article can create a huge impact on anyone’s mind and can change lives.


Well, I read this on Twitter sometime back –

“If you wish you would take something more seriously, do it publicly. Publishing an article pressures you to think clearly.Competing in a race pressures you to train consistently.Presenting on any topic pressures you to learn it.Social pressure forces you to up your game.”

James Clear


Each word we write on the internet is an advertisement for different kinds of people.


In today’s world, everybody writes like comedians write jokes, entrepreneurs write business plans, doctors write cures and whatnot, examples for these are endless.


In the gym, we do weightlifting for our body, but when we write, this is like weightlifting for the Brain.



If we improve our food diet you’ll remain fit and healthy similarly, if we improve our information diet and we start writing, this will raise our intelligence.


“People who write a lot, also listen a lot. They also change their mind a lot. Not necessarily with new data, but sometimes re-analyzing the same data. They also work hard to disconfirm fundamental biases.”

Jeff Bezos


Internet is a library that we always dreamed of having when we were a kid.


It is a place where we can learn freely as much as we want, implement that learning, network with people we connect with and grow ourselves.


Well, I’ll be rewarded if you leave positive feedback after reading this, Thank you for reading this article.